Day 6 | Stuck in the same forest again: why move when it's coming down?

rest day

Word on the street yesterday in York was that 20, 50, no, 70mm of rain was on its way.


So the campsite selected was for two nights.

Travelling in mid-winter has certain issues, even if this is the last place on the continent holding out for drought certification, today it was sure wintery.

Although the rain ceased mid morning I quite untrustingly stayed snug in my tent, hiding in the forest, most of the day.

Dense cloud and strong winds as the predicted cold front zoomed through making a change from Sunday’s glorious weather. I’ll get used to it.

Later I find out there’s been 7mm, quarter of an inch.

I hear that old joke: rain and politicians just don’t seem to make it over the escarpment from Perth.