Melbourne: organisation required

I’ve been taunted with multiple days of supreme fair weather, cloudless, 26ºC, sort of calm, just perfect, if this was Kiwiland these would be as good a summer’s days as you could wish for.

The loaded riding may be over for Oz but there’s still plenty of organisation required in my last week in the big city, the zzOz trip’s not really over until the bike and trailer are in their respective boxes, checked in, ready to be loaded on the plane.

I’m reunited with my whole compendium of luggage, finding boxes containing all the props required for a more sedentary existence, whole bundles of minor quantities of everything necessary to resume life as others understand it, containers that have sat in the eaves of D & C’s garage for the last 4 years: I had thought it would be a few months, a year at the most, but my, how your life flits by. Now it’s almost all packed more securely in 11 boxes of varying shapes and sizes, awaiting pickup for trans-Tasman relocation.

I’m catching up with a range of folks, biking my way around old haunts, having a nightly love affair with a firm mattress, ceiling and four walls, normal, as in great conversation with my magnificent hosts, even creating and scoffing tasty, nutritious food, rather than food-like substances, simultaneous connectivity to the National Power Grid and the internet.

Basically easing my way back into rejoining humanity.