Day 90 | Back to Exmouth: just breezing it in

44 km | zzOz total: 4,085 km

There’s been an important reason for my dithering around these parts.

CJ orchestrated a week off work to share the tropical wonders, albeit truncated by travelling time.

We’ve spent days snorkelling, being beach bums, looking at turtles, whales, emus with their chicks, sunsets but not so many sunrises, those cute Euro kangaroos, Black sided rock wallabies, pink sandstone pebbles, that endless almost white sand, gorges, vistas of sparkling azure water, etc, etc.

And in our spare time chatted, discussed, planned, bantered, schemed, plotted and occasionally even just talked.

Just a bit.

It’s been greatly restorative, at times inspiring, reassuring and, mainly, just a whole dynamic bundle of fun.